An Integrative Approach to Perinatal Health



This unique online program was designed for the entrepreneurial-minded health professional that's ready to take the next step in growing their practice. Blending her work in early intervention therapy and developmental trauma with her training as a women's health coach and Restorative Exercise Specialist, Melissa guides her students through 3 months of professional growth and enlightenment in the area of prenatal and postnatal health. 

Delivered in an online format where all you need is an internet connection, the material is presented in a way that will keep you engaged and on track. Melissa uses a variety of teaching tools throughout the program including PDF handouts, video, PowerPoint presentations, special guest audio interviews, stories based on real-life experiences, business resources and more. 

Course Details 


We start things off by reviewig basics in prenatal anatomy and physiology, including common ailments and concerns in each trimester

With an emphasis on early brain development and an overview of integrative health, you will feel more comfortable in identifying both your client avatar and referral network

We finish off this module with a bonus offering on how to design a top-notch initial consultation to help strengthen the foundations of your practice


Do you know the basic principles in core and pelvic floor health

This module starts by reviewing the foundations of the deep core system to make sure everyone is on the same page. We then look at common postural changes through pregnancy, going further into biomechanics and functional movement

This module is also about understanding the different types of pelvic floor dysfunction that our prenatal clients are dealing with - and how we can better support them on their healing journey. Have the confidence in knowing modifications and exercise contraindications to better guide them through the different stages of pregnancy


Late stage pregnancy is an intense time physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How can you better support your client through this transition period, while maintaining clear boundaries and not over-giving? Late-stage pregnancy is also about learning to relax the pelvis and letting go. This requires a holistic approach that acknowledges the mind-body connection, taking us deeper into the biopsychosocial model of health

In this module, we also include a review of a labouring woman’s physiology as she progresses through the stages of childbirth and the possible interventions she may encounter. We discuss common client questions around preparing for childbirth and we review ideas for group discussion topics that you can use in your own practice. 

Perhaps most importantly, we will work on being present with our clients and holding space for their experiences within the framework of our business practice. 


If you’re working with postnatal clients, you don’t need to be a paediatric expert… However, you should have a basic understanding of early brain development. Why? Because your clients are going to turn to you for advice and with questions about their postnatal life! 

This will include topics such as sleep, nursing/feeding, baby equipment, baby-wearing, pelvic health and more. Remember, you’re a health professional! Therefore it is your responsibility to provide science-based, evidence-based recommendations and not just your own personal experiences. 

In this module, we learn how to support early development in the first three months of life based on brain science and common sense. We’ll discuss the science of mother-infant sleep, the pros and cons of baby equipment, healing the micro biome and the implications with postnatal recovery


What does an integrative approach to postnatal health mean to you? As health & wellness practitioners, it is important to have a baseline understanding of the many facets of postnatal recovery. This includes hormonal fluctuations, common postural changes, types of pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic positioning and functional movement in the early weeks and months following childbirth. 

It’s also important to know how to screen for these concerns in your intake process while holding space for your clients’ birth stories. 

This module is also about getting clear on your vision for your practice. What types of services do you want to offer in the postnatal period? Who is your postnatal client avatar? How can you build a strong referral network? We’ll explore these questions and more as we go deeper into the business side of postnatal recovery


It’s time to face the facts. We’re seeing reports of more than 1/6 women struggling with depression or anxiety, an epidemic of chronic health conditions, 1/2 women struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction at some point in their lives and 1/3 women having been victim of sexual assault or trauma

It’s no longer about having specialized services to address mental health and trauma. More of this information needs to be part of our approach to universal health prevention, promotionand well-being

As health professionals, we also need to work on non-judgement, compassion and empathy as we set the stage for connection. So what does mom’s stress have to do with baby’s brain development? How can we support the mother-infant bond during our time with our postnatal clients? What do we need to know about early life trauma and childbirth injury? 

We will explore what services can we offer as a continuum to our prenatal work. We will also discuss building our referral network and strengthening our community, not only for our clients but for ourselves.  

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Meet Your Guide

Melissa LaPointe is a registered occupational therapist with 12 years of clinical experience as an integrative paediatric therapist with a special interest in early brain development, trauma-informed care and maternal health. In addition to her advanced training in pediatrics, she’s also a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist through the Nutritious Movement organization and has completed her women’s health coaching certification through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. For over five years, she has been blazing a trail for women’s health OT through her work as a clinician, an entrepreneur and an online educator. In addition to her private practice in British Columbia, Canada, she provides both online and in-person consulting services to other aspiring OTs and clinic owners as they navigate the waters of professional growth, entrepreneurship and women's health services. 

What do some of our students have to say about the course?

"I wanted to thank you so much for this course. It has already exceeded my expectations by far. Thank you for sharing your story this week as I continue to struggle with my confidence on a day to day basis as to whether I have the skill set now to get started on a perinatal business. When I signed up, I saw this as something I may do years in the future. However, your story and the practical skills from this week gave me a boost and confidence that I do have the capacity to get started. So...Thank you! My "lofty ideas" are seeming more and more like a very real possibility!!"

"I’m half way through the course and LOVING IT. I finally realized why I haven't started a private practice until this point in my career, its because i hadn't found anything worth pouring all the energy and work into thats required for starting your own business. All the areas you are discussing just resonate with me on a "true believer" level. Thank you for your pioneering work, I cant wait to start the doing!"  


Who is this advanced CPD for?

This online intensive is designed for health and wellness professionals that are working directly with clients and patients in a therapeutic setting, including OTs, PTs, movement teachers and body workers.

Is this course accredited for CEUs?

This course is not accredited for CEUs. 

How is this course delivered?

The course content is delivered in an online format. Each module contains recorded webinars, a PDF of all slides and additional handouts or resources. For some modules, there's also bonus audio content with special guest interviews. The information is delivered to you bi-weekly, with "catch-up weeks" built into the schedule to keep you on track.

Will I be well supported throughout this course?

Absolutely! You have ongoing access to the course instructor through email. In addition, there will be three live Q&A webinars throughout our time together. These live webinars will be recorded and available for later viewing, if you're unable to attend in real time. We also have a private Facebook group for our students where you will have access to both the course instructor and our online community manager. 

How much time do I need to put aside for study?

This depends on your study habits but on average, each module should take 4-5 hours to complete. You will have access to a new module every two weeks. 

With the added business resources, there will be an added 1-2 hours per week to complete all the exercises. Remember, you can also leave the business resources until you've completed all the academic content. There's no rush! 

How long can I access the course content?

You have life-long access to the content so you can go at your own pace! 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay for the course in two monthly installments with an additional 5% admin fee. Please contact us directly at to arrange your payment plan.

What is your refund policy?

Sign up risk-free! If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with the course content, you are eligible for a refund up to two weeks from the delivery of the first full Module, minus a 10% administration fee. If you're on a payment plan, there is NO REFUND for payments already made (after the first two weeks) but your payment will be halted and discontinued.

Who do I contact if I have further questions? 

Please email us at and we will happily answer any further questions you may have. 

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